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Fairmeads Farm Molly



Fairmeads Moly has now been mated for the first time to Inca Grand Design (Black) She has a quality conformation, with a good covering of finely crimped fleece, with handle and shine to die for! Her colour is solid and a beautiful sort after brown. She is well mannered and holds herself well.  She walks well on a halter. This is a very sort...

Fairmeads Farm Snowflake (SOLD)



Fairmeads Farm Snowflake A loveley and easy handling female not yet mated (but can be i the buyer wishes to any of our 3 stud males.•Huacaya–Solid Dark Fawn•Date of Birth: 05/08/2016•Date of Last Immunisation: Jan 2019•Breeding Female•Holter Trained

Poppydown Snow White



PoppydownSnow White•Huacaya–Solid White•Date of Birth: 03/06/2012•Date of Last Immunisation: Jan 2019•Breeding Female: Cria to date UKBAS30513 Fairmeads Farm Vancouver (FMFBASUK005) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya M 12/08/2016 FMF Alive •Holter Trained

Willow Tree Maudie (SOLD)



Willow Tree Maudie•Huacaya–Solid Light Fawn•Date of Birth: 21/06/2011•Date of Last Immunisation: Jan 2019•Breeding Female: Cria to date UKBAS26594 Fairmeads Farm Alberta (FMFBASUK002) [Solid Mid Brown] Huacaya M 25/07/2014 N5006 Alive BNBAS07087 Willow Tree Banff (WTFBASUK21) [Solid Light Brown] Huacaya M 22/07/2013 N5006 Alive •Holter...

MeonValley Yama



MeonValley Yama•Huacaya–Solid White•Date of Birth: 07/06/2009•Breeding Female: Cria born to date UKBAS26588 Fairmeads Farm Clematine (FMFBASUK004) [Solid True Black] Huacaya F 05/09/2014 FMF Alive UKBAS33881 Willow Tree Whistler (WTFBASUK20) [Solid Light Brown] Huacaya M 05/08/2013 ADM Alive UKBAS22645 Willow...

MeonValley May



A quite female with a nice colouring, she has a good covering of fleece and would make a great addition to any breeding Alpaca herd. MeonValley May•Huacaya–Solid Dark Fawn•Date of Birth: 15/06/2008•Mated to Inca Grand Design•Breeding Female:Cria to date 5 Progeny Reg No Name Sex Date of Birth Owner   UKBAS20902 Poppydown...

Bozedown Dream



A lovely Holter trained female.  Dream has had only 2 cria 1 pure white female in 2012 and a light fawn male in 2014.  Her previous owner decided not to mate her as she was more of a pet.  She has a good covering of fleece and a good strong pedigry behind her. Depending when she is purchased she may be with cria.  This is a good...




This wounderful male comes from the Snowmass bloodlines, some top quality alpacas have dominnated the show rings here in the UK, This male has all the traits you will be looking for.  A good investment to any herd 10th Fleece stats EarTag : LeytonMicron : 24.5 micSD : 5.2 micCVD : 21.0 %CEM : 10.6 mic<15 : 0.2 %CF : 87.8 %SF : 23.8 micCRV...




 A great looking male he is a handsome compact male with a great bone structure. He has a fine soft fleece with a lovely crimp. He is from a good solid background of old school genetics. Mum is one of GH female imports,  We have no doubt this male will bring you something special to his progeny. He is now ready and eager to...

Hensting Mojito (SOLD)



Hensting Mojito is from our grey female Hensting Sweet Rhona, this was her first cria and he has carred on a very fine fleece coming from his grandmother Little Eskrigg Kuola our award winning grey female.  We have been holding this male back as we want to get some matings from him to see if he will be passing on that grey colour.  He has...