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Bozedown Stephanie



Bozedown Stephanie An older female but with great coverage of fleece for her age. She has had 3 Cria to date all white / light fawn. So this year we have mated her with Inca Grand Design to see what surprises are in store. I think we should be able to put some colour into the mix and maybe get a dark fawn/brown.  She has a good confirmation and...

Bozedown Kendra



Bozedown Kendra A nice looking female with an unusual colouring more like a burnt biscuit! her Dam was black and sire was White, and so we have mated her to Inca Grand Design who is black! what will we get? I think probably another dark colour even back to black! in fact she has had 5 cria Bozedown Nimbus a sold black female, others...

Bozedown Leah II



Bozedown Leah II Another beautiful female from Bozedown, another young female, this girl has both fawn parents, and so I have mated her to our boy Inca Grand Design, this should bring in some nice colour hopefully a dark fawn to brown! but who knows we will have to wait and see. born in 2015 and a good all-round female with strong bones and broad...

Bozedown Fantasia II



Bozedown Fantasia II A nice entry level pure white female with a good strong body frame and good coverage of fleece.  A must for the breeder or beginner looking for a bit of colour to add to their herd, as she has been mated to Inca Grand Design and although not guaranteed, he does normally throw colour over white, with lots of lovely crimp. This...

Hensting Cerro de Pasco



Hensting Cerro de Pasco a 50% Accoyo blood line.  This male came from Shanbrooke Accoyo Shere Revenge of GHA who mated Hensting Airel, a super fine white female over a very dense proven male also pure white.  This Male is showing good promise.  We will be growing this male on and showing him in the near future Again good solid frame...

Hensting Ica



Hensting Ica well what can I say I was waiting for this male before he was even born.  His farther is our very own Black stud male Grand Design and his Mother Hensting Buttercup, one of our best females by far.  Ica is growning well and showing interest in the females already at 12 months old! His fleece was one of our finest and desest this...

Furze Park Loco



loco is a strong  female and has a good coverage of fleece, although not fine it is very dense. She has not been mated before, so with a little help from us and patients we mated her to Inca Grand Design, so she will be expecting her first cria in July 2018. She would make a great addition to any herd and hopfuly with her new cria next year she...

Faraway Sienna



Sienna, is a strong willed girl and quite hard to work on, but strangly enough when she is in human company she is the most affectionate and will allow you to stroke and stands there for ages allowing you to pet her, as long as it is on her terms! She will make a good additon to any herd and once pregnant she will make a great mother! we are hoping...

2952 Bozedown Kassia



PRICE £6000.00 PLUS VAT As you can see in the photo, Bozedown Kassia has a really strong frame with great bone capacity. She carries stylish character to her fleece and a soft handle, she is also showing excellent density and as well as length. Name of covering male: Bozedown Omen (Light Fawn) Last Mating Date: 9th July 2015 Estimated...

Hensting Chan Chan



Hensting Chan Chan, this is the first of Inca Grand Design's Cria of 2016.  He is showing a fantastic presents as he holds himself here at only 12 months old!  We will be bringing this male on at the show ring this year 2017 and am sure to get some ribbons with this chap. His fleece is remarkable for a medium thorn and as long as...