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Import & Export Alpacas

Hensting Alpacas is a family run business, here it the local countryside of Hampshire

Hensting Alpacas was founded mainly on stock selected from within the UK. This was due to the huge advancements in alpaca that this country has made in the last 15 - 20 years. UK breeders recognise the value in alpaca and have applied and adapted the techniques and breeding strategies used in their long-standing merino wool industry to create some of the best stock in the world.

Some of our stocks have come from Breeders like Inca Alpaca’s our current stud alpaca Inca Grand Design is a prime example.  We also carry Accoya and Snowmass bloodlines within our base Herd.  With careful breeding and a close eye on the market and show rings, Derek and Hazel Moore are starting to achieve great success in within the industry and are now accepted and even promoted by other breeders!

Hensting Alpacas have a proven track record of exporting alpacas and will take care of everything from the Tb and other necessary blood test, along with all of the export paperwork.  All this leaves for you the client to do will be to choose your animals!

choosing of the alpacas can be done either by coming to see the animals, and here we will organise local accommodation for you near to the land the animals are kept at, or we can email pictures and fleece statistics and any relevant information via email!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out about our next exporting and to ask for a no obligation discussion and quotation.


“The picture above showing the arrival of our alpaca females in Tuscany Italy”
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