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About Hensting Alpacas

Alpaca Farming Hensting Alpacas is a now a limited business, and VAT registered (Hensting Alpacas Limited) here it the local countryside of Hampshire

Here is a little about what I do….

I originally purchased a piece of land as an investment and set about searching for ideas as to what to do with it.  I decided upon alpacas as a viable option, and we quickly discovered just how adorable and addictive these animals are. My journey began by meeting other breeders and of course, alpacas.  

Having scrupulously researched and read an abundance of information and prepared our land, we then welcomed our starter herd of alpacas to Alpaca Meadow.  Now amid our twelfth summer of successful birthing and having begun to sell stock, we currently have 72 alpacas, and expect 12 births in 2022, so our herd is steadily growing.  We have developed our smallholding into an enterprise and always ensure the best for our animals and customers.  In fact, in order to accommodate our growing enterprise.  In 2012 I purchased more land in Otterbourne to expand the Alpaca Walking Business and an extra 10 acres. Of course, as the numbers grew and the business started taking off I had to employ staff to help with the everyday work on the farm. Our team is amazing and are working so hard to make this an amazing experience.

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Do you offer alpacas for sale?

  • Young females from superior bloodlines
  • Pregnant females
  • Elite animals for sale
  • Stud males
  • Junior stud males
  • Pet males
  • Herd protectors
  • Adopt an alpaca
  • Buy in our shop for clothing knitwear socks and wool

Investing in all our futures

We breed from all our animals and always have a selection available for sale.   Our intention is to make the best use of our land as possible, leaving nothing to waste.