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Suri Alpacas are world-renowned for their long and silky fibres. Some of the world's premier fashion designers, such as Giorgio Armani, utilize fibres from Suri Alpacas in order to create runway-ready styles which are warm, soft and so easy to wear.

If you're interested in purchasing Suri Alpacas, as pets or in order to access their fibres for commercial purposes or personal use, you will need to buy from a breeder with a strong and positive reputation. It's vital to choose an Alpaca farm whose team members truly care about these domesticated South African camelid animals...

A Suri Alpaca should be healthy and happy before it is sold on. When you buy from us, you will be purchasing a Suri Alpaca which has received the very best of care.   

Today, we'd like to share information about our UK company. We're Alpaca Farming Hensting Alpacas and we are family-owned and operated. We love our Alpacas, and we make sure that they are nurtured to perfection before we sell them to our customers.

Why Choose Our Company?

We're an established source for quality Suri Alpacas. Our farm is situated in Hampshire, UK. We started out raising these animals after buying some land in this beautiful area. We did some homework and decided that raising Alpacas would be our new passion...and a successful commercial venture, too!

As soon as we started, we fell in love with these sweet camelids. They are a joy to care for and we bond with every single Suri Alpaca at our farm.

To prepare, we gathered so much advice from other breeders. When we were educated and capable and ready to give one hundred percent to caring for these animals, we welcomed our first herd, and the rest is history.

At present, we're in our 11th year of raising Suri Alpacas and our herd is growing over time. In fact, we've expanded rapidly, and we've purchased an extra twelve acres in order to give our beloved Suri Alpacas plenty of space to roam, play and grow.

At any given time, we usually have at least thirty-eight Suri Alpacas in our herd. We are a great company to buy from as we have a strong and positive reputation. We don't overcharge our clients and our animals are in excellent condition. As well, we run our business with love. Our animals are treated humanely, with respect. We're an Alpaca farm which you may feel good about buying from!

We Export Our Suri Alpacas

If you're in the UK, you'll find that getting your new Suri Alpacas is so easy, as long as you buy from us! However, we also sell these animals to customers in other countries. We've moved forward with our breeding techniques and our Alpacas are in demand all over the world.

When you choose us, we'll handle the details of exportation. For example, we'll take care of the mandatory blood tests and do all the paperwork which is required by law. All that you'll need to do is select your preferred Suri Alpacas.

You may do so by coming to our farm or by checking out pictures that we email to you, which will be accompanied by statistics on fleece and other relevant details. When you get in touch, we'll also let you know when our next exportation is happening.

You'll find that our caring customer service makes getting the Suri Alpacas that you need a total breeze, no matter where you are! Also, you should know that we provide consultations and quotes without obligation. So, do reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Alpaca Fibres Are Prized and Valuable

Alpaca is a specialty fibre which is prized all over the world. It's different than wool in that wool is common and Alpaca is rarer and scarcer. As well, it's coveted since it has so many wonderful attributes. For example, it comes in twenty-two different shades and these shades may be blended to create a veritable rainbow-riot of colours.

As well, fibre from Alpacas is very tough and rugged. The fibre stays strong even when it's very fine, which means that it's a superb choice for processing which is industrial.

Garments crafted from Alpaca are typically light in weight, yet warm. They are so soft, and they feel smooth and supple when they are touched. Also, it costs less to process Alpaca than it does to process wool!