Alpaca Walking

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NOTE Children under 12 CANNOT walk an alpaca on their own, they must be accompanied by an adult.  This will make up the 2 people 1 alpaca ticket

Come and join us here in Otterbourne Hampshire, when the weather is good, we like to walk our Alpacas.  This allows you the general public to come and get up close to these beautiful animals, hear them hum to each other, feel how soft their fleece is and look into their big brown eyes! It also serves us a purpose as we get them used to people and being handled on the halters, which in turn trains them for the shows that we enter.  The money we collect helps towards the cost of feeding them.

Otterbourne is a small, secluded village were the chalk streams meander along ancient riverbeds, to the sea 11 miles away.  We own 12 acres of grasslands alongside The Itchen Navigation; this part of the river was used years ago to transport goods by way of barge to Winchester, London and beyond.  We do not see any boats on the river now, they have long gone.  Animals have returned to the quiet environment as we have otter, king fisher, dragon fly and all manner of insects and butterflies.  After the walk we give you a 10% discount voucher to user at Brambridge Garden Centre next door to us

MORNING WALKS 2 people 1 Alpaca £39 inc vat Special (normal price £55) 10am - 12pm The gates close at 09:55am so please do not be late as we are a long way away from them by 10am

AFTERNOON WALKS STARTING MARCH ENDING SEPTEMBER This is a shorter walk with no talk at the beginning lasting 90 minutes. The gates close at 1:25pm so please do not be late as we are a long way away from them by 2pm

2 people 1 Alpaca £39 inc vat Special 10am - 12pm Book carefully  Cancellations or moving dates Moving Bookings We no longer move bookings. Tickets are valid only for the date they are booked and cannot be transferred to another date. Adults and children over 12 may lead one of our halters trained alpacas for a walk along the Itchen River.  Younger children, over 8yrs of age, can accompany an adult on the walk. 1 child and 1 adult = 1 ticket


Kiln Lane, Brambridge, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 6HT

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Outside Southern Water Gates Lay-by just on left, before railway bridge when travelling west down Kiln Lane

Or from Brambridge Park gardens, turn left out of their gates, travel over 2 hump bridges and you will see a lay-by on left with tall iron gates (if you go under the railway line, you have gone too far). A representative from Hensting Alpacas will be at the Parking facilities are on site and you will be directed where to park from the entrance gates.

The media is buzzing with a worrisome new trend, spurred on in no small measure by the boom of the Internet, gadgets and smartphones: people are spending too much time indoors; up to 90 per cent of their waking hours, in fact. We now know that healthy living begins in the Great Outdoors here in the UK; time spent in Nature has been proven in numerous scientific studies to lower dangerous stress hormone levels and imbue greater peace and life satisfaction. When we share our free time with animals, the benefits are all the greater. Pets such as dogs and cats have long been used in many rehabilitation centres across the nation, but the best animal we can think of when it comes to finding inner peace and an unbeatable sense of happiness, is the alpaca!

Join us at Otterbourne Hampshire on a sunny day for a fun Alpaca walking tour and feel the elation that walking outdoors can instil in your heart and soul. Alpaca walking is a great weekend activity the whole family can enjoy. Exercise never felt so effortless as when you are leading a beautiful alpaca through the verdant countryside of Hampshire.

Ours is a family run business and we invite you to join us for an alpaca trekking adventure in Hampshire. We offer you our greatest treasure: our alpacas. Walk alongside them, feel their silky fleece and soothe the stress away by listening to their gentle humming. One look into their big brown eyes and we guarantee you’ll be hooked! Trekking Hampshire adventures with alpacas are simply the most unique weekend activity you are likely to experience and certainly one of the most memorable.

Otterbourne is a beautiful, secluded village where the chalk streams meander along ancient river beds, to the sea 11 miles away. We own 12 acres of lush grasslands along The Itchen Navigation, once used to transport goods via barge to London, Winchester and beyond. The vessels are long gone, and this means that the animals freely returned to their habitats. Some of the animals our guests love encountering include otters, kingfishers, dragon flies and a plethora of colourful insects and butterflies.

If you decide to join us on a fun alpaca walking tour, wear comfortable shoes; the tour kicks off at 10am and lasts for two hours. The day begins with a quick health and safety chat, and a briefing of how to hold the alpacas and how to react if they try to act naughty! We also give a fascinating talk about this unique animal, providing enlightening facts on what makes alpacas so unique and loveable!

We halter and introduce you to your alpaca for the morning, giving you the time, you need to take pictures and become acquainted with them. Once we are all set to go, we walk through the field and point out more lovely animals, such as the otter, kingfisher and wild birds of prey like the buzzard. We then contemplate the main alpaca herd, including the cute little cria (baby alpacas). We pass through a gate and come to the bottom meadow, directly in front of the serene river. Water instils a sense of serenity, which you will discover when we walk along the river’s edge, heading south to meadow gate. Afterwards, we turn and head back up past the original entrance. At the head of the river, we pause and take in the beauty of the surroundings, cooling down under the trees and talking more about our favourite subject: alpacas!

Many people find the alpaca to be a beautiful, gentle natured pet with the softest fleece for petting so if you have a farm and you are thinking of adding a unique pet to your menagerie, now is the time to ask questions about what having this animal is like.

After our little break, we return to the river, heading for the water hole so our alpacas can enjoy a refreshing drink. Many visitors take the opportunity to visit the nearby Brambridge Park Garden Centre on Kiln Lane, where they can pick up tools, accessories and lighting ideas and everything they need for their home and garden. Indeed, after experiencing our fun Nature walk, we don’t blame you for deciding to spend more time in the Great Outdoors, whether it be in the form of walking, spending time with pets in the wild, or even soaking in the many documented benefits of horticultural therapy!

You can either walk with your very own alpaca or share one between two persons (prices will vary depending on the mode you select). There are limited children’s activities in July and August, though in general, children under nine are not admitted, simply because our insurance will not cover them. Children over 12 may lead our halter trained alpacas for a walk along the Itchen River, while kids aged over nine can accompany an adult. All those aged under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Preparation for this fun activity is basic. Be sure to wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather; we walk even if it rains, so bring your best outdoor boots and raincoat (a hat is a good idea as well). We also recommend bringing water and sun cream, especially during the summer season, to avoid sunburn. In our view, it doesn’t matter if it rains or shines; different seasons lend a distinct feel to each nature walk and quite simply, their respective beauty needs to be experienced, at least once in a lifetime.

During the walk, feel free to take pictures of the animals and of the natural scenery; we also take lots of pictures and post them up to our social network sites, since those who have already visited us or enjoyed this walking adventure, often ask us to post new pictures of ‘their alpaca’, whom they somehow miss even after just one meeting! Indeed, many families return time and time again, building a friendship with us and a very special bond with the alpacas.