Alpaca Packages

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We have a number of Elite Alpacas currently for sale. Alpacas: Pregnant Females, Stud Males, Wether's / male field pets, we also have a passion for walking our alpacas around our beautiful land here in Hampshire. Please complete the contact form for additional requirements or if you wish to enquire about any of our other Alpacas featured on the site. remember we have lots of Alpacas and if you don’t see what you want here just give us a call

This is a starter package for new alpaca enthusiasts who do not want to become breeders. It is a package of fibre production or companion animals. We have included three males in a variety of colours so you can have more options when considering use of their fibre. Individually these males sell for £1200 each. At this price the buyer will have to assume the cost of any transportation if you are more than 50 miles from Hensting Alpacas.

Price £3,000 plus vat

These males will all of been trained and will walk on the halter and will be confident around people.