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Hensting Alpacas

Hensting Alpacas & the Coronavirus

First of all, we, at Hensting Alpacas, would like to thank our customers, who are the centre of our micro-business. We are working hard at Hensting Alpacas and listening carefully to the Government's advice to protect our staff animals and customers from catching or spreading the coronavirus. Here are several things that we are doing to make our event as safe and as enjoyable as possible.

We feel we are a low-risk environment because:

  • We are out in the open for the whole event
  • There is no direct contact with other people
  • Our toilet is cleaned meticulously
  • There is no food or drink on site
  • At weekends our numbers are kept to below 30 people
  • During the week numbers are less

However, considering recent news we are taking every precaution necessary to keep our customers and staff safe. We therefore advise:

  • You always remain 1 metre away from other guests
  • You wear gloves that can be cleaned afterwards
  • Sneeze into the crook of your elbow
  • At the time of writing, we do have gel available, however, considering supply issues, please bring your own, if you have any
  • Do not attend if you are showing any symptoms of a cough or a cold or have a temperature of 37.8 or above
  • Bring your own tissue to dry hands as we are removing the current towel from the toilet and replacing with paper towels
  • All pictures will be now taken on Hensting's phone and uploaded to Facebook for you all to download if you wish. This is to protect our staff from catching any germs from your phones.

Please do not allow this to overshadow your visit as most of this we do already, we just wanted to reassure you all that we will take good care of you and your guests on the day, should circumstances change, we will contact you again. Thank you for your support and understanding. Any questions, please email

Cancelled walk If your walk was cancelled by Hensting Alpacas due to coronavirus and or lockdown please remember you have 3 months in which to re book, however we have now extended that to 6 months from when your walk was cancelled but only if related to a shutdown

Vouchers - vouchers purchased March 2020 were valid for 6 months these was doubled to 12 months to cover any covid closures.  Please do not request them to be extended further as this is not possible or viable for us to do