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The alpaca industry is thriving in the UK, with many farmers choosing to breed this beautiful, gentle animal which produces a beautifully soft fleece. When planning your alpaca breeding programme, it is important to find the right alpaca studs for rent Breeders looking for a male that conforms to standards and produces top grade fleece have a variety of choices. They can either purchase a male at an alpaca auction or sale or rent the services of a stud with proven results.

Hensting Alpacas Stud Males take great pride in their elite, specially selected Alpaca stud sires and their sons. These males were originally, hand chosen and selected by Hazel and Derek from some of the best herds here in the UK for their high-quality fleece characteristics and their Accoyo and Inca breeding lines, so if you’re looking to buy an alpaca, then this is the right place these studs which have been well developed in the UK and in Peru and these alpaca studs for hire are very sort after. The breeding males used in these herds, are derived from their respective groups that are maintained solely for producing herd sires and are considered to be the best.

Hensting are top quality alpaca breeders and place great emphasis on the quality of the males they use, as nothing will have a greater impact on the whole herd than high potency well-bred males. We have observed over the years that the Accoyo and Inca lines breed very true to type and are very predictable in what they produce.

Over six breeding seasons on our farm these males have created a huge impact, producing the outstanding traits that they were chosen for.

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At Hensting Alpacas, we have carried out painstaking research and attended and partaken in shows across the UK, with the aim of producing female alpacas and alpaca studs boasting some of the best genetics in the UK. We class our animals according to their elite pheno type and quality of alpaca fleece, as well as the breeding performance of their ancestors. Our studs hail from some of the most trustworthy lines boasting elite genetics. We have chosen our stud sires and their sons by hand from some of the best herders in the UK, focusing on high quality fleece characteristics and selecting only the best breeding lines (Accoyo and Inca), which have been well developed in the UK and in Peru. The males used for mating in these herds have been chosen from specific groups which are maintained for the sole purpose of producing herd sires. They are considered to be the very best studs, with a high potency and trusted fleece quality. There are six breeding seasons on our farms and our studs have made an impressive impact on our herd, producing well conformed alpacas with no faults and outstanding fleece characteristics.

Visit our farm to see our beautiful alpaca studs in person. Our main stud is Inca Grand Design, whose sire is Popham Thunder and whose dam is Inca Essenza. He is a selectively bred solid black alpaca with perfect conformation, aged a little over two years and registered with the British Alpaca Society. His frame and fleece are balanced, and he boasts all the very best traits associated with a top line sire. His well-covered frame moves freely and with grace and his fleece is dense, fine, bright and beautifully even throughout. Each staple is correctly aligned and uniform in its structure right across the saddle. Inca Grand Design hails from Inca’s top female and Inca Belissimo. This prestigious lineage will enable you to achieve results worthy of the very best breeding programmes. Inca Grand Design made us proud at the British Alpaca Society National Show 2015, taking home the prices for 3rd Adult Black Male. In addition to his imposing presence, he boasts great substance of bone, and his fleece has a lovely lustre that has earned him quite a reputation.

Amiryck Dill is another impressive black beauty, sired by Canchones Witness of Inca and born to the stunning dam, Amiryck Belladonna. An uncle on his dam’s side, Inca Balboa, has taken home numerous prizes on the show circuit, wowing judges with his conformation, demeanour and soft, silky fleece. Amiryck Dill is currently six years old and he has a wonderful, gentle and friendly nature. He is also halter trained. At our farm, Dill has proven to be an excellent stud, producing stunning cria with rich dark colours; he has already thrown four pure black beauties! Amiryck Dill has also made us proud on the show circuit, taking home first place Senior Black Male at the Ringwood & Ellingham Show in 2014. Bearing in mind that these shows attract a high level of competition, taking home the first prize says a lot about our alpaca studs’ conformation, movement, fleece and depth and richness of colour. Amiryck Dill has a lovely presence, and dense, shiny fleece which is a joy to behold. Dill’s first cria, Hensting Galaxy Dills, has all his sire’s personality and natural grace, and you can also check out our website or visit our farm to see his gentle cria in motion.

Contracting our stud services takes the hassle out of commencing a successful and ambitious breeding programme. Our mobile mate, drive by and on farm fees are very competitive, and our studs are well mannered yet always ready to work. The team at Hensting Alpacas are here to help you with any doubts you may have regarding breeding. We can help you select the best sire to achieve your breeding programme goals and suggest different combinations for particular colour results. We can also point out the relative strengths of different alpaca lines and answer questions on conformation, fleece quality, etc.

Our experience will help you make the wisest selection and avoid common pitfalls experienced by those who are new to breeding alpacas. Some of the issues we can discuss with you include colour (how to breed for particular hues), conformation (how to minimize undesirable traits in cria), presence and temperament (characteristics which can be attributed to genetics, at least in part), fibre traits (crimp style, lustre, fleece character, etc.). In alpacas, there tends to be an inexorable link between fineness, crimps per inch and curvature. We can also discuss our herd statistics with you, to ensure uniformity (usable fleece percentages) and minimisation of herd divergence.

Contracting our stud services wields many benefits. Your girl can visit our farm for a fortnight or so, or our stud can visit your farm if desired. After that, you needn’t worry about issues such as stud management and if the cria are not to your wishes, you always have the option of using another stud the next time around. When you use different studs, this can ensure a wider range of genetics in your herd, avoiding line breeding and its negative effects. We suggest you pay a visit to our farm, since the feeling you get when viewing an alpaca in person is quite unique, enabling you to appreciate its beauty and temperament to the greatest extent possible. Our studs have an impressive lineage, outstanding beauty and proven value, having produced beautiful cria which meet and surpass top quality conformation and fleece standards.