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See you Zoom!

Are you looking for something different to brighten up a team meeting and engage your staff?

Look no further and invite one of our farm animals to join you and your colleagues on your next Zoom or Teams call!

You can choose from Steve or Molly the Huacaya alpacas, Jet the Suri alpaca, Primrose the llama or Ken the sheep. We’ll also make sure you get up close to one of our babies during birthing season (Spring & Summer).

There will be a brief introduction to alpacas from one of our staff who will share lots of interesting facts about alpacas such as:

  • What we do at Hensting Alpacas.
  • Who lives here?
  • Where are alpacas from?
  • What family are they part of?
  • Different types of alpacas.
  • What are they used for?
  • Baby alpacas - cria. How do we make one?

Followed by the chance for you and your colleagues to ask us any questions. Please note we can only accommodate customers between 09:00 - 12:30pm UK Time Due to the fact they are out grazing other times

Costing £30Inc VAT, the call will last ten - 15 minutes and will leave you and your colleagues uplifted and give them something to remember for a long time to come.

Plus, we’ll also give you a 10% discount for our alpaca experiences which will be valid for 12 months.


Who to choose for your zoom meeting?


Steve is a real favourite at Hensting with both staff and customers. He has a very calming nature and can be recognised by the distinctive flash of white on his top knot on his otherwise mid fawn fleece. Spending time with Steve is very therapeutic and he is one of our most confident characters in the herd.


Molly is just an absolute beauty with her cute fluffy nose and her fluffy ears. She is very inquisitive always coming over to staff and customers to get some attention. She will be just as interested in meeting you and your staff.


Jet is a Suri alpaca which means his fleece grows down to the floor like dreadlocks rather than outwards like the teddy bear like Huacaya alpacas. His fleece has an amazing lustre and flow to it when he moves. Have a look on our Facebook page for a video of him showing off his fleece to his friends.


Primrose is our female llama. She is majestic, towering over the rest of the herd at nearly six feet tall. Her distinctive banana shaped ears are a real feature and she will be a fun character to have on your Zoom call.


Ken is an absolute legend and much loved by Hensting staff and customers. He thinks he’s an alpaca as he loves coming to see us to be handfed and trying to join in on our walk experiences. He’s a French Wasson sheep so he has distinctive horns and he’s just been joined on the farm by his brothers Eric & Ernie.

Animal Zoom Testimonials

“Alice at Deloitte”

Wow! We can’t believe how well the alpacas went down on our Zoom event!

We ran our first remote project event and organised for Henstings Alpacas to join us as a ‘Mystery Guest’. We were overwhelmed by the response, everyone absolutely loved seeing the alpacas on screen (especially the babies!). Katrina was so informative and energetic when telling us loads of alpaca facts and we finished with a Q&A at the end. We had people bring their kids along to the zoom call too so they could enjoy them as well. Would 100% recommend Hensting Alpacas for a fun and original Zoom event!