Alpacas for Sale

We have over 50 Elite Alpacas currently for sale. Alpacas: Pregnant Females, Stud Males, Wether's / male field pets, black alpacas and of course baby alpacas here in the UK. We also have a passion for Alpaca walking and offer a fantastic experience walking with the alpacas in the Hampshire Countryside. Please complete the contact form for additional requirements or if you wish to enquire about any of our other Alpacas featured on the site. remember we have lots of Alpacas and if you don’t see what you want here just give us a call

There are many reasons why you may wish to take your first baby alpaca home – you might be interested in breeding, selling their fleece to the fashion industry, or simply having an original pet. Whatever the reason, we guarantee that once you see your first alpaca, you’ll probably fall instantly in love with this unique animal, and they come in 22 colours and our favourites are black alpaca

Breed genetics: UK Alpacas Hensting Alpacas is a small, family-owned farm in the Hampshire countryside, specialising in breeding alpacas with top-of-the-range genetics. We have 38 alpacas in total, and expect a total of 18 births in 2016, and we are steadily growing. Our genetic lines hail mainly from UK stock, owing to the major advances made over the past 15 to 20 years in alpaca breeding. UK breeders have applied the valuable lessons learned from the merino wool industry to give rise to some of the best stock in the world. Some of our stock (such as our current stud, Inca Grand Design) comes from highly valuable lines like Inca Alpacas and our base herd also comprises bloodlines from Accoya and Snowmass.

Conformation standards We breed with the aim of ensuring that our alpacas conform to breed standards. We keep a close eye on developments in the market and the show ring and are highly respected by other UK breeders. Our goals include increasing the production of fine fleece with a heavy cutting weight. By constantly reviewing results, we can glean vital information about a sire’s influence over different females within our herd. We have female and male alpacas, all of which boast sound conformation. We aim to produce fertile females that boast the optimal size for worry-free birthing and easy lactation and fertile males which can be mated when they are aged between one and a half, and two years. Another aim is for our females to reach a weight of 45kg in one year’s time, so they can be ready for mating. Our alpacas should produce healthy, energetic cria that conform to breed standards and are fit for their intended standard.

Exporting alpacas We are able to provide sales and support advice to UK and buyers from other countries. Feel free to visit our farm to see our beautiful alpacas; we will organise accommodation for you near to the land where the alpacas are kept, so you can take your time and select the male or female that most fits what you are looking for. If you are unable to visit us, we can show you pictures of available male and female alpacas, providing all the information regarding fleece, statistics, etc. Once you make your selection, we will ensure your alpaca arrives to your farm safe and sound. We remove the hassle from your hands, taking charge of all necessary tests (including the Tb test). We also take care of all the paperwork.

Getting started with alpacas If you are new to the world of alpacas and you’d like to be better informed before making a choice from among the alpacas, you can start by taking the following steps: •Apply to become a member of the British Alpaca Society (BAS). Their website ( explains everything about alpacas: their welfare, fibre, necessary care, etc. They also offer useful courses (learn about alpaca conformation and fibre, discover basic conformation traits and learn how to recognise the different qualities and traits of fibre, including fineness, density, crimp, uniformity, colour, etc.).

  • Visit various farms. Taking an alpaca home is a long-term commitment, so make sure you conduct the required research and visit various farms to glean a better understanding into the nature of a beautiful and genetically sound alpaca.
  • Get close to the alpacas: Handle them and observe how they interact with you; this should make taking your own alpaca home a much smoother process; one in which you can feel considerably more confident than if the breed is totally unknown to you.
  • Visit alpaca shows: Shows are the place to discover the most about conformation and other breed standards.
  • Buy from a committed breeder: Make sure the farm selling the alpacas is seriously committed to improving the breed standard. Avoid ‘mill-type’ farms in which the focus is on quantity rather than quality. Talk to the breeder about how they are going about breeding desired characteristics and about what positive developments they have made in their own stock.

Buyer support: At Hensting Alpacas, we know what a difficult decision it can be to choose just one or two alpacas. We can offer you our professional advice in a caring, friendly manner, with a view to building a long-lasting relationship. When you visit our farm or ask for long-distance advice, we will patiently answer all your questions and explain the process of alpaca rearing and breeding. Feel free to inquire about everything from setting up your own farm to showing, husbandry and marketing your alpacas. We can also help you select more stock months or years down the line, to help you achieve your objectives. We can give you all the information you need on UK lines, help you with the selection of studs, and teach you about valuations. Our years of experience and our passion for the alpaca mean that we are always here to help you.

Our sales philosophy: For us, selling male and female alpacas is about aiming for two goals: improving the breed standard and providing our clients with the information and support they need to do the best by their new alpaca. You can be confident that all our alpacas are correctly conformed, fertile, and bred, since we respect tried-and-tested breeding methods. We will supply you with a certificate of health to insurance standard, complete husbandry records, accurate information on fibre and fleece weights, information on the sire, dam and siblings if required, etc. We follow the British Alpaca Society’s Code of Conduct, so you can ensure that you will take home a healthy alpaca that conforms to standards and produces beautiful fleece.

Just some of the reasons to buy alpacas...

  • Alpacas are robust, easy to care for animals
  • Alpacas are gentle on the environment. They have soft feet and only 2 toes, and they thrive on native grasses.
  • Alpacas are gentle on fences they do not challenge fences. They do not need electric fencing or barbed wire.
  • Alpacas are gentle with children, curious and intelligent and fun to be around.
  • Alpacas do kill foxes and protect lambs, kids and chickens. Use them to guard your livestock.
  • Alpacas do not need to be muzzled as they only have teeth on the bottom
  • The alpaca community is vibrant and supportive with shows, seminars, workshops and marketing, check out British Alpaca website.
  • Alpacas are a growth primary industry, still in its infancy.
  • Alpacas can replace your ride-on mower!
  • Alpaca manure will ensure your garden has never looked better, you can even grow seeds straight out of it, without the need to rot it down.
  • Alpaca fibre is exquisite. It’s warm, soft, light, durable, allergy free, and has outstanding thermal properties. Demand from local and international fleece buyers is insatiable. UK needs more breeders of good animals.