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High-Quality Alpacas for Sale at Hensting Alpacas - UK's Premier Alpaca Breeders


Welcome to Hensting Alpacas, the leading alpaca breeder in the UK, where you can find exceptional alpacas for sale. We take pride in our top-notch breeding program, focusing on producing alpacas of superior quality, outstanding fleece, and providing excellent after-service to our valued customers. Whether you're seeking males, females, wethers, or adorable cria, Hensting Alpacas is your go-to destination for acquiring the finest alpacas.

Why Choose Hensting Alpacas?

At Hensting Alpacas, we have established ourselves as one of the best alpaca breeders in the UK for several reasons:

Exceptional Alpaca Lineage: We have meticulously selected our alpacas from renowned bloodlines to ensure superior genetics and desirable traits. Our breeding program focuses on producing healthy and well-tempered alpacas with exquisite conformation and stunning fleece characteristics.
Quality Fleece: Our alpacas are renowned for their luxurious fleece. We breed for a variety of desirable fleece attributes, including softness, fineness, uniformity, and excellent crimp. The premium quality of our alpaca fleece opens up endless possibilities for creating luxurious textiles and exquisite garments.
Comprehensive After-Service: At Hensting Alpacas, our commitment doesn't end with the sale. We provide comprehensive after-service, including ongoing support and guidance to ensure the successful integration of your new alpacas into your farm or breeding program. Our experienced team is always available to answer your questions and provide assistance whenever needed.
Alpacas for Every Need:

Whether you're a seasoned alpaca breeder, an aspiring enthusiast, or simply looking to add these enchanting creatures to your farm, we offer a diverse selection of alpacas to suit your specific requirements:

Males: Our male alpacas possess exceptional genetics and make ideal herd sires. They exhibit desirable traits that can enhance your breeding program, including superior fleece characteristics, strong conformation, and impressive lineage.
Females: Our female alpacas are carefully selected for their outstanding maternal qualities and genetic potential. They are excellent foundation animals for establishing or expanding your own breeding herd. With their exceptional genetics and nurturing instincts, our females are a valuable asset to any alpaca breeding endeavor.
Wethers: Wethers, or neutered males, are an excellent choice for those seeking alpacas primarily for companionship or fiber production. They possess the same captivating charm as their breeding counterparts, without the added responsibility of managing a breeding program.
Cria: At Hensting Alpacas, we occasionally have adorable cria available for sale. These young alpacas bring joy and excitement to any farm or family setting. Cria provide an opportunity for nurturing and bonding, while also offering future breeding potential.
Experience the Hensting Difference:

When you choose Hensting Alpacas as your trusted alpaca breeder, you can expect an unparalleled level of service and satisfaction. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare, customer care, and ongoing support. Our passion for alpacas and dedication to their well-being shine through in everything we do.

Contact Hensting Alpacas Today:

If you're ready to embark on your alpaca journey or wish to add to your existing herd, Hensting Alpacas is here to assist you. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your specific needs, schedule a farm visit, or inquire about available alpacas. Trust Hensting Alpacas, the UK's premier alpaca breeders, to provide you with exceptional alpacas, outstanding fleece, and unparalleled after-service. Together, let's make your alpaca dreams come true!

  • Apply to become a member of the British Alpaca Society (BAS). Their website ( explains everything about alpacas: their welfare, fibre, necessary care, etc. They also offer useful courses (learn about alpaca conformation and fibre, discover basic conformation traits and learn how to recognise the different qualities and traits of fibre, including fineness, density, crimp, uniformity, colour, etc.).
  • Visit various farms. Taking an alpaca home is a long-term commitment, so make sure you conduct the required research and visit various farms to glean a better understanding into the nature of a beautiful and genetically sound alpaca.
  • Get close to the alpacas: Handle them and observe how they interact with you; this should make taking your own alpaca home a much smoother process; one in which you can feel considerably more confident than if the breed is totally unknown to you.
  • Visit alpaca shows: Shows are the place to discover the most about conformation and other breed standards.
  • Buy from a committed breeder: Make sure the farm selling the alpacas is seriously committed to improving the breed standard. Avoid ‘mill-type’ farms in which the focus is on quantity rather than quality. Talk to the breeder about how they are going about breeding desired characteristics and about what positive developments they have made in their own stock.

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