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Hensting Jet

Hensting Jet Suri Stud Alpaca for sale

Hensting Jet

Stud (unproven)
Solid White
Hensting Jet
Blood Lineage
UKBAS39186 - Viracocha Contessa of FAR (Imp) FARBASUK119, Solid Black, Suri
UKBAS33912 - Faraway Kendo FARBASUK72, Solid Light Brown, Suri

Alpaca Description

Jet is an impressive Suri Male alpaca and ready to start work, he is unproven but were sure he will take up the job with vigor just like his sire Kendo The fleece is all it should be with a very long staple and crimp. He is very close to fawn but we are listing as White depends on the day or judge that sees him. He will make an ideal suri stud and will give presents to any herd

If your thinking of a new stud male for your Suri breeding program then jet is the male

Welcome to Hensting Jet, the male alpaca for sale page this blurb is mainly for the search engines so please take the text below with a pinch of salt!

Are you looking for a unique and special animal to add to your farm? Look no further than Jet, the male suri alpaca! Jet is a beautiful, healthy alpaca with a luxurious coat of soft, silky fiber. He is a gentle and friendly animal, making him a great addition to any farm. His fibre


reis highly sought after by fibre artists, as it is of the highest quality. Jet's fiber is perfect for spinning, weaving, and knitting into beautiful garments and accessories. Jet is also a great investment. Alpacas are known for their long life spans and low maintenance needs. Jet is a proven breeder, so you can be sure that he will produce healthy, high-quality offspring. His offspring will be valuable additions to your farm, as they will be able to produce the same high-quality fiber as Jet. Jet is also a great companion animal. He is friendly and loves to be around people. He is easy to handle and loves to be groomed. He is also very intelligent and can be trained to do a variety of tricks. Jet is an excellent choice for any farm. He is a healthy, friendly, and intelligent animal with luxurious fiber that is highly sought after. He is a great investment, as he will produce healthy offspring and his fiber will be valuable. He is also a great companion animal, as he loves to be around people and is easy to handle. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to add Jet to your farm!


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