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Christmas Alpaca Walking Trekking

Christmas Alpaca Walking Trekking

What to do what to do? The family are all excited and are full of energy and driving you mad!

So why not come on one of our Christmas Alpaca Walks.  We will love to see you and so would the alpacas.  A 10am start so make sure you get there nice and early, the gates open at 09:25am to enable our staff to get you all parked and boots scrubbed with disinfectant, also don’t forget we hire Wellington boots at £1 a pair just in case you forget yours.  Once we are ll in the gates we will break out the sweets and Mulled Wine, while you listen to Caroline or Pippa who will teach you all about alpacas, where they come from what they eat, before he moves on to the more technical things like “The Spit Off” and “Induced Ovulation” Once all the drinks and sweets have been consumed, we will all venture off down to meet the alpacas.  A quick introduction to the Cira (baby alpacas) and our very own Llama Pippa.  While this is happening the staff Caroline Sara, Charlotte, Amber, Pippa, Harriet and Alison will be haltering your alpacas ready for the walk down through the woods and along the River.  Don’t worry if you get an Ugly one because halfway around the walk you get to swap your alpaca and walk a second one. (oh and don't forget the snow


(1 person 1 Alpaca @ £31 (not suitable for unaccompanied children) (2 people 1 Alpaca @ £49) (Family Ticket 2 adults 2 kids (to 16yr) 2 Alpacas @ £82.00) (4 people 2 Alpacas@ £98) (1 Extra Walker £20)