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Dry Alpaca Poo For Sale

Dry Alpaca Poo For Sale

Dry Alpaca Poo For Sale


For indoor and outdoor use. This fertiliser was first processed by our dear friend Jo, we are delighted to be able to continue making it in her memory.


We are very excited that you have bought our very own handpicked, dried and shredded alpaca fertiliser to use on your plants, indoors and outdoors.

Let’s get started. Find a clean watering can. Fill with warmish water and add roughly two heaped tablespoons to 4.5 litre can – alpaca fertiliser won’t burn your plants. You can leave your can in the sun or a warm place to mellow (this is when the magic takes place). Once you are happy that the fertiliser is well mixed together with the water, pour onto your plants and watch them grow. This can also be added as a top dressing to plants and forked in to the compost

Dry alpaca poo is an ideal choice for gardeners looking to add a natural and nutrient-rich fertilizer to
their plants. It is high in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, making it perfect for promoting
healthy plant growth. It also contains beneficial bacteria that help break down organic matter into
more usable forms of nutrients. The dry form of the poo makes it easy to store and handle without
any mess or odour. Alpaca poo can be bought from many online stores or pet supply shops as well as
some local farmers’ markets where you may find fresh alpaca manure. When buying ready-made
products, make sure to read the label carefully before purchasing; there are different grades
available depending on your needs. For example, premium grade alpaca poo has higher levels of
nutrients than regular grade does so it may cost slightly more but will provide better results for your
plants in the long run. When using dry alpaca poo as fertilizer, mix one part with four parts soil
before planting or top dressing existing plants. This helps spread out the nutrients evenly
throughout the soil while providing aeration at the same time which will help promote root growth
and development. If you want to use this type of manure directly on seedlings or young plants then
dilute it further by mixing two parts soil with one part manure first – this prevents burning due to its
concentrated nature when used undiluted directly onto delicate foliage or roots. Overall, dry alpaca
poo is a great option for gardeners looking for an all-natural fertilizer that won’t harm their plants
yet still provides plenty of essential nutrients needed for optimal growth and development!

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