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These Alpaca socks are made from Alpaca and are very warm and cosy! there are a number of colours to choose from and they fit all sizes. We import these from Ecuador, and have found them to be very popular. Alpaca socks are a luxurious, soft and comfortable sock option that many people enjoy. Alpaca wool is known for its exceptional warmth and insulation properties, making alpaca socks the perfect choice for those cold winter days. Alpaca socks come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes to fit any foot size or style preference. They are also extremely durable and can last for years with proper care. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic so it’s safe to wear even if you have sensitive skin. Additionally, because of their natural insulation properties they help keep your feet warm while still allowing them to breathe comfortably. Many people find that wearing alpaca socks helps reduce foot odor as well! If you're looking for a cosy pair of winter socks then you should definitely consider investing in some alpaca ones! which makes them an affordable luxury item worth considering adding to your wardrobe this season!


Gifts She'd / he would Love as a gift For Christmas

After the fun of Christmas, it can often difficult to find something different to what you have already given them. One of our alpaca keyrings will certainly cheer them up and put a smile on their faces.  They make great Christmas gifts. Also have you thought about what you’re going to do on Valentine’s Day? why not bring them on one of our walks and treat them to there very own alpaca keyring from our little shop, you can even choose what colour you want as we have 12 different colours

These Alpaca Socks are made from pure Alpaca mix and are a great keepsake there are several colours to choose from.  We import these from Ecuador, and have found them to be very popular, Colours, Brown, Cream, black, grey

Advantages of Alpaca Socks - Three reasons Your Feet Will Thank You

If you've ever owned an alpaca garment, you precisely how soft and comfortable they are. The fleece from these unique animals can be used to make scarves, gloves, hats, etc. But what about alpaca socks? Here's 3 good reasons why your feet will thank you if you own a pair or two.

Alpaca clothing can be a recent accessory for fashion and style sensibilities in the United States, has been around for centuries consist of parts of globe. In Peru, where alpacas are said to buy originated, farmers and villagers have long known the unique benefits of alpaca garments.

Now, alpaca socks are becoming more common, along with traditional items like sweaters, wraps, and blanket. Here are three reasons ft will thank you when you slip them into some alpaca socks:

They Are Warmer (And Cooler in summer too!)

Alpaca fibre is particularly unique because it is dense, yet very breathable. Garments made against the fibre are twice as warm as wool, warmth and feet will remain warm irrespective of the chilly temperatures outside.

But it's not just warmth that makes the socks one-of-a-kind. Because the fibre is so breathable, you will perspire less consequently be cooler, even on average cotton. Interestingly, alpaca fibre retains these properties of heat and coolness even when wet, which is a large contrast to wool and cotton.

Durability /long lasting

Long because extremely durable garments, alpaca clothing normally passed down generation to generation. Items will literally last a lifetime, and socks are not any exception. Unlike wool and cotton, the fibre does not weaken or diminish with age, assuming proper treatment.

You should be expecting to pay more as a pair of alpaca socks, primarily from the fibre isn't as plentiful as the usual varieties. Yet, they is really a tremendous value when durability is considered.

Comfort Is everything

Have you ever owned an itchy wool scarf or sweater? This is because wool is sort of abrasive to get a bare acne. Alpaca fibre is smooth to the touch and naturally hypoallergenic. Being a result, an individual will be considerably more comfortable, even without considering added warmth and breathability.

Some have described the texture of alpaca socks as silky, almost the exact opposite of wool. In addition, since alpaca fibre comes in 22 natural colours, you will be getting no trouble matching your socks with your amount of favourite outfit!


Alpaca socks make a terrific gift in the pocket or one who truly appreciates fine quality garments. Built exceptionally durable and you'll enjoy the added level of comfort and durability. You may be also able handy them down to the next generation!

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