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Furze Park Reno(now sold)

  • Breed Type Huacaya
  • Alpaca Type STUD MALE (NOW SOLD)
  • Price £5000.00
  • Year of birth 2013
  • Shows Won Not Shown
  • Color White
  • Sex Male
  • BAS Registration UKBAS28779
  • Reference ID OS1498148935
Blood Lineage:

Dam: Eringa Park Panamisha of FPA (White)

Sire: Furze Park Peruvian Tudor (White)

alpaca Description

This male has admirable conformation and density of fleece, standing with a straight and muscular frame.  The fleece, once opened, shows great uniformity of crimp and shine with a consistent covering all over his body. Reno is still fine with a fleece of 21mic at 4 years old, however most remarkable is the amount of fleece, almost 7kg in the last shearing.

Whilst Reno currently has no progeny, he has great genetics and we have used him to cover 3 white females this year. He will also be taken to the Ringwood and Ellingham Show in August 2017.  

Now would prove a good time to purchase Reno as, once proven his value will increase.

Date of last fleece sample: 24th May 2017

Fleece Number of last sample: 1st

Fibre Testing Authority: Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing

Diameter (Micron) of first sample: Unkown µ

Diameter (Micron) of last sample: 20.90 µ

SD of last sample: 4.50 µ

CV of last sample: 21.70 %

Last Yield (Kg/Year): 7.50 Kg

CEM: 8.90

<15%: 5.2

Comfort Factor: 96.6%

SLmm: 100mm

Min Mic: 20.0

Max Mic: 22.4

SD Along: 0.70

CRV Dg/mm: 39.7 FINE

Contact Details

Mr. Derek Moore




Hensting Alpacas,





Post code

SO50 6HT


United Kingdom