Alpaca Walking Experience Coronavirus

Hensting Alpacas dealing with Coronavirus
A public information guide from Hensting Alpacas
Updated 2-7-2020 WE ARE RE-OPENING Great News! We now have the go ahead from Winchester Council and Relative Authorities that we may now go ahead with the alpaca walks. You will need to wear gloves but you can now walk them on a lead as before

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We will honour all these bookings and vouchers.
What we will do:
We have emailed everyone that we are re oening 4th JULY. At this point, we will limit the number of previous bookings per walk and merge these with new bookings. This will allow some income to pay staff and feed animals. This is estimated to take approximately 6 months to achieve, however everyone who has purchased a booking/voucher will have an opportunity to be booked back in. All vouchers will be extended by a further 6 months (providing they had not already expired prior to March 2020). These will be merged with new bookings and we ask for your patience while we honour each of these.
All new vouchers purchased will have 12 months validity.
What you can do to help:
Should you have an urgent query, please email rather than phone and allow some time for us to reply.If you would like to donate your booking money, as some already have, please email your booking name and we will gratefully remove you from the re-booking system. We are working on a donation scheme for people who are working from home, saving travel expenses and still being paid. This scheme will be emailed and advertised on Facebook and other social media. It is suggested a supporter would donate from £1 per month to help us carry on feeding the alpacas should funds deplete.
We have just set up a crowd funding page here if you wish to donate Donations HERE
In the mean time, we urge you all to keep safe and thank you for your understanding in this unprecedented time. Please direct Queries here
Thank you for your custom. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Updated 21-3-2020

The last walk to take place was 21st-3rd-2020 until Further notice. Please give us some time to re organise vouchers and existing bookings. We will be in touch

First of all we, at Hensting Alpacas, would like to thank our customers, who are the centre of our micro-business. We are working hard at Hensting Alpacas and listening carefully to the Government's advice to protect our staff animals and customers from catching or spreading the coronavirus. Here are a number of things that we are doing to make our event as safe and as enjoyable as possible.

We feel we are a low risk environment because: