Alpaca Walking Experience Booking Tool

Children must be a minimmum of 9yrs old to attend the Alpaca Walk
NOW OPEN FOR 2018 BOOKINGS. NOTE Friday & Tuesday bookings may need to be moved / rebooked if numbers are low . Gift VOUCHERS £34.95 for 2 people to walk 1 alpaca now available

If you have not done so already, read all about the Alpaca Walk
Please NOTE the Alpaca walk address is Kiln Lane, Brambridge, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 6HT

To book your walk scroll the calander to your desired date hover your mouse to see tickets available then click to purchase automaticly online securely! Also NOTE the walk starts at 10am and the gates close at 09:55 so if you miss this time you miss the walk!
If you have any problems please call Derek 07876234399

Vouchers £34.95 for 2 people to walk 1 alpaca. If you require a voucher to give as a present, purchase as normal in the booking tool below, but do this on 28th March leave a personal message in the notes box to appear on the voucher. Then when you get the voucher give them to your guest as they have our contact and booking instructions on, for them to contact us to change the date to suit! (Tickets valid for 6 walking months and will be stamped with a use by date)(There is no walk on 28th March this is just a holding for the booking)
MEET & GREET DAY Open to all inc. Children Disabled and or Oap August 1st
Got a Voucher to use? Scroll the calender and choose your date, then email with your choosen date and the voucher number and we will book you in and email you your Tickets

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Questions & Answers

2018 tickets now available There are 16 deal tickets available each day @ £34.95 make sure you click the box to see if any are available as it is 0 by default! then once these are gone the price reverts to £55 and you will only be able to check this box