Alpaca Walking Experience Booking Tool

Children must be a minimmum of 9yrs old to attend the Alpaca Walk

If you have not done so already, read all about the Alpaca Walking
Please note: WE ARE NOW OFFERING SATURDAY AFTERNOON WALKS 1400 - 15:30 as a trial ON June 2nd 16th and 30th only

To book your walk, scroll through the calendar to your desired date, hover your mouse to see the number of tickets available then click to purchase online securely. Also note, the walks start at 10am so the gates open at 09:30 and close at 09:55. If you miss this time, you will miss the walk.
The new Saturday afternoon walks start at 2pm so gates open at 1:30pm and close at 1:55pm. Again, do not be late or you will miss your walk.
If you have any queries, please call Derek on 07876234399

MEET & GREET DAY Open to all but especially suitable for children (any age), disabled, older persons or those that find walking challenging. Take Pictures bring a picnic and enjoy the alpacas August 1st
Buy a Voucher If you require a voucher to give as a present, click the "Purchase Gift Vouchers" button. You may leave a personal message to appear on the voucher. Vouchers are valid for 6 months from purchase and will be stamped with an expiry date.
Redeem a Voucher If the number on the voucher is from 400 - 2000, scroll through the calender to choose your date then email with your chosen date and the voucher number. You will be booked in and emailed you your tickets. However, if the number is 12 digits long and contains letters and numbers e.g. EY1525346181, you may use it directly in the booking tool at the checkout. Please make sure the description on the voucher matches what you are booking i.e "family ticket".

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