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Alpaca Walking Experience

How do I to cancel my walk due to a postive Covid-19 test?

Hi were sorry to hear you have caught Covid, hopefully you choose to take the covid insurance for £4.50 when you purchased your ticket.  This give you the option to have your walk cancelled and moved with in 2 hours of your walk. However if you did not choose the insurance then were very sorry we do not accept cancellations and the only option to you is to gift your booking to someone else just let us know the new name. You see we are working on very tight budgets and 1 ticket cancelled or refunded could mean a difference to making enough money to feed the animals or pay the staff or vets.  So its important you think carefully before booking about choosing the insurance.

I have a booking for the alpaca walk for myself and my partner for this Wednesday. Unfortunately we have just found out we have to isolate as our little boy has been sent home from nursery as someone in his bubble has tested positive for covid. I can’t find anywhere on your website where we can reschedule our walk. Would it be possible to reschedule? Many thanks in advance

Hi yes we totally agree this is all very unfair but we have been shut down for 6 months and have had no income so we are not in a good financial position what with a £27k .gov bounce back loan to now service for the next 6 years.

We understand how this is not what you want to hear but unfortunatly we can't just send staff home with no pay or not feed the alpacas, this is what your money pays for and what makes the business tick along.  We are already on reduced ticket numbers and double staff for each walk due to covid this is to cover managment of distancing hand sanatisers track and trace etc. so we are just breaking even and if 1 ticket wants a refund then its us that suffer as a business.  We are just holding our business above the water line and are working very hard to stay in profit so unfortunatly it has t obe a NO we cannot refund or re book walks due to short notice requests. (48 hours in this instance)

However what we do adivise is for you to gift your booking to someone else so that they may enjoy the walk

I hope you understand

Hensting Alpacas Limited

My Voucher says it is invalid?

Reasons for coming up as invalid

Choose 2 people 1 alpaca if that is what it says on the voucher

Choose 1 from the drop down box as 1 = 2 people 1 alpaca

Put the code in the last dropdown box of the form "Payment Method" choose voucher



There are a number of reasons why the voucher is not working as follows


Valid date is the voucher at time of your booking valid? (it says at top of voucher valid to end of ??

Are you choosing what it says on voucher for example 2 people 1 alpaca = 2 people 1 alpaca not 2 people 1 Cira

Are you choosing 1 from the drop down box as 1 ticket  = 2 people 1 alpaca


If all else fails please email Hensting the voucher code and date you want to do the walk and  ill see what is wrong and book you in


Best Wishes


Derek Moore

Hensting Alpacas

Vouchers all there is to know

The new vouchers starting and purchased after June 2020 can be redeemed streight on the booking tool by copying the code in to the box at checkout in the Purchase method box.

valid or not

vouchers are valid to the end of the day stamped on them. ie Stamped 16th Aug means valid until end of the day August 16th. So this means you must book your walk before this day

can I use the voucher after this time?

No the voucher will become invalid after the use by date and you will have lost your chance

Can I extend the voucher

No unfortunately not as we only allocate a certain number of vouchers per month as we only have a set number of alpacas to walk, so we are very careful to only allow a set number.  If we were to extend your voucher in to the next month it would mean the people with vouchers in the following month would not be able to book a space and this would be unfair

How long are the voucher valid?

The vouchers are valid for 6 months depending in what time of the month you purchased the voucher

Can I get a refund on a voucher?

No unfortunately not so please be careful when buying your voucher and make sure it is what you want. Once a voucher is programmed in to the system it is impossible for us to remove it.  Its also a gift and if its been used to make a booking then the booking cannot be changed

Can I add an extra person to the voucher after I have purchased it?

No not at the moment

Do you do Children's Parties?

Unfortunately we do no conduct walks for groups of children, so no children's parties! Each child needs to be accompanied with an adult (the only exception to this is in the family group). The alpacas are very strong animals and also very nervous so groups of excited children and alpacas do not mix.

Hi I turned up for the walk today and the gates were closed! I was only 5 minutes late! it was 10:05 !

Hi I am sorry you missed your walk today.  But you were in fact 10 minutes late, you see the walk starts at 10am and the gates close at 09:55 as stated on all corrispondnce.

Once the gates close we then head off down a long track (car park) to the main gates where the alpacas are kept.  Once inside the gates everyone is gathered and the talk then begins, so the mobile is switched off.  We then head even further away from the main gates down to the pens where we halter up the alpacas and  set off for the walk.

So within 15 minutes we are about half a mile away from the front gates.

Think of the alpaca walk the same as catching a train or a bus. The train cannot wait because it would be unfair to all the other customers who are waiting and have paid for there trip.  Once the train has gone its gone and you have missed it!

I hope this helps

Hello thank you for letting me know the walk was cancelled. We were very disappointed but obviously no one can control the weather. I would like a refund please as that was my last annual leave day for quite a while. So I will try to book again in the spring. Thanks

 Yes we are always disappointed when the weather turns bad!
Unfortunately we do not give refunds due to the weather as this is stated in the terms and conditions!
However we do walk most weekends both Saturday and Sundays! so hopefully you will find one of those days to come on the walk.
please take a look at the booking tool below and email back on this email so i can get you booked in.
This offer will be open to you for 3 months from the day of the cancelation, giving you plenty of time to book again

i have a voucher that is valid to August, is that the end of August or the beginning? Thank you

Hi if you have a voucher that says "valid to August" or "Valid to October" etc then it is valid to the end of the month! ie August 31st 

Please also note we are not able to extend vouchers so they must be used with in the 6 months or they will become invalid.  This is because we only allow so many vouchers per each month so everyone will have a space and a chance to book.  Please do not ask us to extend the vouchers as this would be unfair to the people in the next month, they would not have a space to book there walk.  We only have a certain number of alpacas, so can only walk and book this many.



Alpaca walking times

Hi *****
The top drop down in the booking tool was for £29.95 this is the (special discounted price), if however you choose the other box below you will see it is £50 (the normal price)
there are 15 discounted tickets a day and when they are gone they are gone and the oly choice is £50
I hope this helps explains

Hi Hensting,My name is *** I spoke to you over the phone today. I have a voucher enabling 2 people to walk an alpaca that was adopted to me for Christmas. The voucher code is.. ****.I see on the calendar that Friday 28th July is available but it only appears to be giving me a 10-12 time slot. Is it possible to get one a bit later? Also we will only require 1 hour instead of the 2 if that is possible? Kind regards

Hi ******
No problem to booking you in on 28th However it is a communal walk there will be lots of other people so the times are set I am afraid to 10am and you need to be there between 09:35 and 09:55 to get parked etc as the gates then close for us all to start on the walk.
do you still want me to book you for the 28th?
We have opend up some afternoon walks in April until September 1:30  - 3pm as slightly shorter walk (with no talk) for those who just want to get on with it!

I'd like to book an alpaca walk for my son's 11th birthday. Is the 2hrs taken up wholly with walking?

The alpaca walk lasts for 2 hours, We do an introductory talk at the begining all about alpacas for about 25 minutes.  We then halter up the alpacas and make a start on the walk.   We stop to feed the alpacas and take pictures, we then take the alpacas to the river for a drink, and wait for everyone to have watered there alpaca.  We then set off along the river talking about the enviorment.  The next stop is to swap the alpacas around so you get to walk 2 differenet alpacas on the day, after taking pictures and feeding the alpacs we head back.  Once we have let the walking alpacas go we head off to see the females and finnish off by feeding them.  

The walk itself is about 1/2 mile long at a very slow pace.  The last stop is the little shop, hand cleaner and then back to your cars!

all children must be accompanied by an adualt one on one, so we do not do childrens parties!

We have had many people on the walk from 9yrs old upto 85 yrs old

Is Hensting Alpacas open to the public at all times?

No unfortunalty Farming is a very demanding job and the alpacas / land take a lot of care and work to keep up together so we only open for the alpaca walks on the alloted times as seen in the booking tool

I would like to cancel my walk, how do I do this and is there a charge

if you have taken out the insurance then yes this is possible but if you did not take out the insurance then no it is not possible however you may gift the booking to someone else to use just let us know the name

We would prefer you to choose an alternative date with in 3 months rather than loose your walk

just email with the name of the new walker

Hi Hensting, I booked two alpaca experiences for two people on the 7th July. I got confirmation for the first booking but not for the second booking. Can you confirm please that I have two bookings under **** for the 7/7/17. I have checked my emails and spam for the tickets which I can't see have come through yet to print off. Really looking forward to our day out.

Hi I can confirm you are booked with both tickets, I have just resent your tickets please check spam, if they are not there then your emails are being filtered, in which case please get back to us and I will download the tickets and attach them to the email and send
best wishes

I have a voucher for two people to do an Alpaca walk (voucher ****). Could I book for us to go on 9th July and possibly buy another ticket as well. Can I just check it's only for children aged 9 and above?

Hi I have just sent your walking tickets, there are 2 places left so if you want to buy another ticket please go to the booking tool below asap as they sell out fast.
please check spam folder

Hi Hensting, thanks for prompt response, I have checked with my daughter and she noticed that she added a "dot" where there should have been a hyphen - hence - you did not get her e mail. We bought the vouchers as presents at Christmas and the voucher that we gave our daughters' partners carried the voucher saying valid until Aug 17 - I am aware that I chose a date and somewhere along the lines that information got lost - can they still use the voucher if they contact you to book a date between now and August? thanks for your help

I am sorry your daughter had problems with emailing.  Please note we also have a land-line number and a mobile, which is on 24/7.
Unfortunately, your tickets were booked to be used and therefore expired on 28th May. Your alpacas were haltered up and staff had been employed for the expected number of guests and of course, your place could not have been sold to an alternative guest.  Should we offer you an alternative date, we would lose that potential income for tickets that could be readily sold, as we are fully booked most weekend dates.
As we are a small family business, we are not in a position to lose ticket money for guests who do not attend on their allocated day.
I hope you understand the circumstances.  If you are unsure of our position, please check our terms and conditions page.

Morning, I've just bought 2 adult tickets plus guest which totalled about £70 for Sunday 9th July, does this include the 50% discount?! Kind regards *******

Hi the normal price is £50 in the drop down box, if you were lucky enough to choose the drop down box at the top which has 10 discounted tickets @£29.95 then yes you got the discount.
It looks like you purchased 2 @£29.95 and 1 extra walker @ £10 so this equals 5 people and 2 alpacas
best wishes

I have an enquiry about tickets. I purchased a ticket yesterday (27/6/17) the payment has gone through and I have confirmation of that. However I have not received an email containing the ticket. I have checked the spam and junk folder and it is not there. Is it possible to get a copy of the ticket please as I have booked the day for Saturday

It sounds like your email address has either been put wrong into the form when booking or your tickets have gone into you spam / trash folder!

contact Derek HERE and request a copy of the tickets via a return email then check your spam folder

Bad Weather. What about if the weather looks like it is going to be bad?

BAD WEATHERIf a booking has to be cancelled due to bad weather, you will be contacted early on the morning of the walk and notified of the cancellation, you will then be given the chance to choose an alternative date convenient to you. refunds will not be given due to circumstances out of our control.

Dont worry you will be offered an alternative day to choose.  This offer will be open to you for 3 months from the day of the cancelation, giving you plenty of time to book again

I have adopted an alpaca, how long does the voucher last

There are 2 types of Alpaca Adoption.  One is silver and the other is Gold.

If you have been given a gold adoption you would have recived an alpaca walking voucher to use.  the voucher will have a use by date clearly marked at the top, it gives you six months in which time you must book and redeem the voucher

Could I check please that I am booked on this coming Sunday’s walk for 2 people sharing an alpaca? I booked and paid through your website but I have not had a confirmation. Is this ok, do we just turn up at the gates at 10?

It sounds like your email address has either been put wrong into the form when booking or your tickets have gone into you spam / trash folder!

contact Derek HERE and request a copy of the tickets via a return email then check your spam folder

I am wanting to get an alpaca walking experience for a birthday present for someone. Is it possible to buy a gift voucher or something? Or do I have to book on to a certain day to be able to purchase?

Go to the booking tool HERE

here you will be able to book a date in the future say 6 months, and then when you give the voucher / tickets to your guest explain to them they need to EMAIL us with the following information

1 Go to the booking tool and choose the date you wish to come on the walk

2 Email us the choosen date along with voucher / ticket number and the surname of the person who originaly purchased the ticket.

Please tell your guest they must use the voucher with in 6 months.

How long is the ticket / voucher valid for?

The tickets / vouchers are valid for 6 months from the purchase date.

Can I cancel the walk or move it to another day?

Hensting Alpacas operate a policy of no refunds or exchanges for tickets bought at admissions, booked online or by telephone. However, please note that booked places are transferable, so please feel free to send other people to fulfill your booking - provided that they have the necessary booking confirmation(s) and/or gift vouchers. Should this be the case, we would appreciate notification of this transfer prior to the walk If you are unwell on the day of your alpaca walk or event we ask that you send someone in your place. If you have booked along with other people, the participants who are not unwell will still be expected to attend.If you fail to turn up for your alpaca walk we regret that that no refunds or re-scheduling can be offered. Tickets are valid only for the date they are booked and cannot be transferred to another date

If I miss the day can I have a refund?

No sorry. As stated in the terms and conditions that you tick when you purchase the tickets, a no show means you forfeit your walk.


When you book, there are staff and an alpaca allocated to you.  This is at a cost to us and if you miss the walk, that cost remains and cannot be covered if your ticket is refunded or moved.

How much is it if my friend and I want 1 alpaca each?

The price is per walking alpaca and therefore it would be two lots of £26.00

Can I bring a friend / friends on the day?

Yes, an extra walker is welcome at a cost of an additional £12.50 per person, (max 3 people to 1 alpaca) payable on the gate. This is for the additional person only and does not include any extra alpacas.

Do you only walk the alpacas once a day?

Yes Normally.  Walks only take place once a day, in the mornings from 10am until 12pm.

But when the summer comes around we do sometimes have a walk on some Saturday afternoons so check the booking tool for updates

Where are you located?

When traveling west down Kiln Lane or from Brambridge Park gardens,

turn left out of their gates, travel over 2 hump bridges and you will see a lay-by on left

with tall iron gates (if you go under the railway line, you have gone too far). A

representative from Hensting Alpacas will be at the gates 09:45am sharp to meet you. 

The walk starts at 10am sharp. The gates close at 09:55am so please do not be late.

Parking facilities are on site and you will be directed to where to park from the entrance gates.

Can a single person come on the walk?

Yes and we will take great care of you.  Please choose the £29.95 deal if available.

Do you have parking on site?

Yes we have onsite parking. Derek will meet you on the gates to direct you to the available parking.

What time do I have to be at the walk?

you need to be at the gates between 09:35 and 09:55am for the morning walks

and 13:25 - 13:55 for the afternoon walks.

Please do not be late as the gates close 5 minutes before the walk starts to enable us to walk the long track to the alpacas to get started so if you are latter than the times stated you will miss the walk

I have a voucher what do I have to do

Hi if you have a voucher then please go to the booking tool and choose a day you wish to come on the walk CLICK HERE

Then send an email to

with the following information

1  The day you wish to come on the walk

2  The ticket / voucher number

3 The surname of the person who purchased the ticket / voucher


Can I bring a dog

NO sorry no dogs allowed.  We have a small dog on the farm who has been brought up with the alpacas.  our alpacas have been attacked by dogs and therefore are very afraid of them

Can my 12 year old child walk an alpaca on there own?

Yes as long as they are confident and with there parent / guardian with them at all times

Can I bring an extra person on the walk?

yes you may bring an extra person on the walk over what you have paid for but they would need to pay an extra £10 on the gate

Can my 8 year old child walk an alpaca by themselves?

No children from 8 years up to 12 years need to use a double lead with the parent / guardian holding the other lead at all times

How old do children have to be?

All children need to be 8 year old minimum.  This is dictated by our insurance company as we are a working farm

How much does the alpaca walking cost

normal Price 1 Alpaca 1 person £38.00

special offer 1 Alpaca between 2 people £38.00

Family Ticket 2 adults 2 children (under 16) £70.00


Vouchers cost an extra pound due to the extra work involved