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Faraway Sienna



Sienna, is a strong willed girl and quite hard to work on, but strangly enough when she is in human company she is the most affectionate and will allow you to stroke and stands there for ages allowing you to pet her, as long as it is on her terms! other times she won't give you the time of day! She will make a good additon to any herd as an aunty!   Date...

Furze Park Nova



This female is carrying good quality Austrailian Genetics with a strong frame. Her fleece is dense and she holds a positive and respectful position within the herd. Nova has many years of breeding to follow as she is only 7 years old and she will be mated during Summer 2017 to Furze Park Reno, who is expected to contribute to a fine fleece...

Hensting Sweet Rhona



Sweet Rhona is a fantastic tuxedo grey female, born to Little Eskrigg Koala, also an exceptional grey female.  Rhona's sire is the show winning Inca Grey Flyte, who has a multitude of grey genes in his pedigree. Rhona has grown to develop a strong frame and is a very gentle alpaca, having also been halter trained.  She will be shown...

Hensting Tingo Maria



Tingo Maria is a friendly member of the herd, who walks beautifully on the halter. Her fleece is incredibly soft and shows impressive density.  She has grown well and is exhibiting a real presence, just like her sire, Inca Jack Of Spades.  Her dam, Hensting Elara, is an exceptional female with a generous covering of fleece, which...

Little Eskrigg Koala



Koala is a great-looking grey female, who has proven the ability to produce grey cria following her mating to Inca Grey Flyte. Her fleece is uniform and soft with good handle and crimp. Koala has a remarkable conformation, which she has also passed on to Hensting Sweet Rhona. She has produced two tuxedo grey alpacas Koala has recently been...

Inca Grand Design



As his name suggests, Inca Grand Design was created with care by Inca Alpacas. Both his frame and fleece are balanced and admirable with a generous covering of fleece, which is bright and uniform in colour. Each staple is well aligned and uniform across the saddle.  Inca Grand Design has a host of champion names in his pedigree such...