Hensting Smoky Quartz - BNBAS12927 (SOLD)



A beautiful well-mannered tuxedo grey, what more could you ask? With this male you get it all fantastic confirmation a colour to die for and good behaviour along with a fantastic soft well crimped fleece. Hensting Smokey Quartz is from 2 of our best alpacas sire Inca Grand Design (Black) and Hensting Sweet Rhona (tuxedo Grey) this combination has created...

Inca Jacquard - (SOLD)



A Great example of some of Tim Heys best genetics from his wonderful herd in Dorchester. jacquard has a great temperament and since we have owned him, he has taken very well to training and walks beautifully on the halter. A Bay Black with nice soft crimp nicely uniform with good handle and density. I have one of his cria on our farm also and was...

Recently Weaned Cria from 8 months



Various Cria (baby alpacas) available from January onwards. Both males and females some Suri also available. All colours. Please call to visit and choose must be sold in pairs minimum or if you have alpacas already we can discuss Prices start from £1,000.00 up to £4,000.00

Hensting Kahlua



A great example of a bay black, great bone structure strong back.  Every thing is looking good for Kahula, nice dense flece with crimp, handle and shine.  A good posiblity she is carrying the grey gene as her Tuxedo Grey mother is the beautiful Hensting Sweet Rhona and Sire none other than Inca Grand Design our current stud male. Now Mated...

A great selection of STUD MALE ALPACAS



A fantastic line up this year of Stud Males, These males are from our award winning Inca Grand Design and our very best hand selcted females. All colours for every market from white to grey and black.  Average fleece samples from 15 - 19 micron SD 2.3 -4.5 Guarenteed fatility  Microchipped Health Checked vTB Tested Delivery available Prices...

Poppydown Snow White



PoppydownSnow White•Huacaya–Solid White•Date of Birth: 03/06/2012•Date of Last Immunisation: Jan 2019•Breeding Female:  UKBAS30513 Fairmeads Farm Vancouver (FMFBASUK005) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya M 12/08/2016 FMF Alive •Halter Trained

Willow Tree Maudie (SOLD)



Willow Tree Maudie•Huacaya–Solid Light Fawn•Date of Birth: 21/06/2011•Date of Last Immunisation: Jan 2019•Breeding Female: Cria to date UKBAS26594 Fairmeads Farm Alberta (FMFBASUK002) [Solid Mid Brown] Huacaya M 25/07/2014 N5006 Alive BNBAS07087 Willow Tree Banff (WTFBASUK21) [Solid Light Brown] Huacaya M 22/07/2013 N5006 Alive •Holter...

MeonValley Yama



MeonValley Yama•Huacaya–Solid White•Date of Birth: 07/06/2009•Breeding Female: 5 Cria born to date latest a solid brown boy May 2020 UKBAS26588 Fairmeads Farm Clematine (FMFBASUK004) [Solid True Black] Huacaya F 05/09/2014 FMF Alive UKBAS33881 Willow Tree Whistler (WTFBASUK20) [Solid Light Brown] Huacaya M 05/08/2013 ADM Alive UKBAS22645 Willow...

MeonValley May



A quite female with a nice colouring, she has a good covering of fleece and would make a great addition to any breeding Alpaca herd. MeonValley May•Huacaya–Solid Dark Fawn•Date of Birth: 15/06/2008•Mated to Inca Grand Design•Breeding Female:Cria to date Just produced the most amazing Tuxedo Grey Male see picture 5 Progeny Reg...

Bozedown Dream



A lovely Holter trained female.  Dream has had only 2 cria 1 pure white female in 2012 and a light fawn male in 2014.  Her previous owner decided not to mate her as she was more of a pet.  She has a good covering of fleece and a good strong pedigry behind her. Depending when she is purchased she may be with cria.  This is a good...