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Hensting Smoky Quartz - BNBAS12927 (SOLD)

  • Breed Type Huacaya
  • Alpaca Type Stud Male (unproven)
  • Price £8000.00
  • Year of birth 2019
  • Shows Won Not Shown
  • Color Grey
  • Sex Male
  • BAS Registration BNBAS12927
  • Reference ID Hensting Smoky Quartz (SOLD)
Blood Lineage:

Dam: Hensting Sweet Rhona (grey)

Sire: Inca Grand Design (Black)

alpaca Description

A beautiful well-mannered tuxedo grey, what more could you ask? With this male you get it all fantastic confirmation a colour to die for and good behaviour along with a fantastic soft well crimped fleece.

Hensting Smokey Quartz is from 2 of our best alpacas sire Inca Grand Design (Black) and Hensting Sweet Rhona (tuxedo Grey) this combination has created one of the most sort after colours in the alpaca industry! we all want a grey and i don't care if you admit it or not.

Well here is your chance to own these great genetics to be able to share across your herd, although not proven he will be sold with a guarantee that he is fertile.more details here

grey alpaca


ped1 IAR/62329 - Cedar House Amar (Aust.) [Solid Black] Huacaya
    ped1 UKBAS06932 - Daer Enahs Streslecki Of EPC (Imp) (EPCBASUK1385) [Solid Black] Huacaya
    ped3 ped2 IAR/59800 - Wyona Genevre (Aust.) [Black] Huacaya
  ped1 UKBAS16071 - Popham Thunder (POPBASUK123) [Solid Black] Huacaya
  ped3 ped3 ped1 UKBCL15086 - Benjiro of Alpaca Stud (Imp) [Black] Huacaya
  ped3 ped2 UKBAS07845 - Popham Ebony (POPBASUK56) [Solid Black] Huacaya
  ped3   ped2 UKVBRBAS00007 - High PlainsTrading - Haylee (VBRBASUK00007) [Dark Brown] Huacaya
Sire : UKBAS20983 - Inca Grand Design (INCBASUK437) [Solid Black] Huacaya
  ped3   ped1 IAR/38765 - Blue Grass Bollinger (Aust.) [Light Fawn] Huacaya
  ped3 ped1 UKBAS08468 - Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca (Imp) (INCBASUK150) [Solid Black] Huacaya
  ped3 ped3 ped2 IAR/44694 - Lilyfield Matilda (Aust.) [Solid Mid Fawn] Huacaya
  ped2 UKBAS15367 - Inca Essenza (INCBASUK264) [Solid Black] Huacaya
    ped3 ped1 UKBAS04308 - ATA Cambridge Centurion (ATABASUK01059) [Black] Huacaya
    ped2 UKBAS07496 - Inca Bellisimo (INCBASUK108) [Solid Black] Huacaya
      ped2 UKBCL15026 - Rhanee of Inca (Imp) (INCBASUK26) [Solid Black] Huacaya
      ped1 UKBAS08575 - Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (AHHBASUK157) [Solid Light Fawn] Huacaya
    ped1 UKBAS10324 - Cedar House Long John (CDHBASUK018) [Light Grey] Huacaya
    ped3 ped2 UKBAS08493 - Alveston Think Pink of CDH (Imp) (CDHBASUK006) [Mid Grey] Huacaya
  ped1 UKBAS18331 - Inca Grey Flyte (INCBASUK345) [Mid Grey] Huacaya
  ped3 ped3 ped1 UKBAS08539 - Wyona Sunset's Triumph of Anzac (Imp) (ANZBASUK42) [Solid Mid Grey] Huacaya
  ped3 ped2 UKBAS13391 - Inca Grey Dubonnet (INCBASUK225) [Mid Grey] Huacaya
  ped3   ped2 UKBAS09338 - Grey Wispa of Inca (Imp) (INCBASUK131) [Solid Mid Grey] Huacaya
Dam : UKBAS27491 - Hensting Sweet Rhona (HSABASUK31) [Mid Silver Grey/White] Huacaya
  ped3   ped1 UKBCL15338 - Salvador of Houghton (Import) (AHHBASUK61) [Mid Grey] Huacaya
  ped3 ped1 UKBAS08743 - Houghton Barrabus (AHHBASUK192) [Mid Grey] Huacaya
  ped3 ped3 ped2 UKBCL15340 - Mirabelle of Houghton (Import) (AHHBASUK63) [Black] Huacaya
  ped2 UKBAS15691 - Little Eskrigg Koala (ESKBASUK35) [Solid Dark Grey/White] Huacaya
    ped3 ped1 UKBAS01378 - East Trayne Domingo (GTFBASUK00024) [Light Fawn] Huacaya
    ped2 UKBAS10338 - Sudell Flower (SUDBASUK26) [Solid Mid Brown] Huacaya
      ped2 UKBAS00641 - Larchfield May (LARBASUK00180) [Mid Brown] Huacaya
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Mr. Derek Moore




Hensting Alpacas




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