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Faraway Sienna

  • Breed Type Suri
  • Alpaca Type Suri Female
  • Price £800.00
  • Year of birth 2009
  • Shows Won Not Shown
  • Color Medium Brown
  • Sex Female
  • BAS Registration UKBAS12951
  • Reference ID Faraway Sienna
Blood Lineage:

Dam: Biba of Bozedown (Import) Brown

Sire: Alpaca Stud Suri Phoenix (Rose Grey)

alpaca Description

Sienna, is a strong willed girl and quite hard to work on, but strangly enough when she is in human company she is the most affectionate and will allow you to stroke and stands there for ages allowing you to pet her, as long as it is on her terms! other times she won't give you the time of day!

She will make a good additon to any herd as an aunty!


Date of last fleece sample: 24th May 2017

Fleece Number of last sample: 1st

Fibre Testing Authority: Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing

Diameter (Micron) of first sample: not known

Diameter (Micron) of last sample: 28.3 µ

SD of last sample: 7.0 µ

CV of last sample: 24.7 %

Last Yield (Kg/Year): 1.50 Kg

CEM: 15.6

<15%: 0

Comfort Factor: 70.8%

SLmm: 120mm

Min Mic: 25.6

Max Mic: 33.3

SD Along: 2.0

CRV Dg/mm: 8.2  STRONG

Contact Details

Mr. Derek Moore




Hensting Alpacas,





Post code

SO50 6HT


United Kingdom